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Hello Brides-to-be! We have some insider designer scoop.  Starting January 1, 2013 Ella Bridal will be changing its name to Stella York. Now what does this mean to our brides? Here are a few details to help with the transition.

-The gowns are all the same! 🙂 All previous designs that have been labeled Ella will remain the same.

-If you have already purchased your Ella gown with The Bustle, no worries! The name change does not affect your order.

What does it mean to our future Bustle Brides?

-Their new collection is to die for! Each gown looks amazing and sophisticated.

-Check out our Facebook Album -Stella York- to view our newest gowns!

Check out their new website here! Also if you continue to search for Ella gowns, their site will redirect you. Don’t fear, the gowns are breathtaking!


Jolie Fleur is the best florist ever! Now, we might be a bit biased because they are right here in Del Mar, but really…They are!

Alyta, the owner of Jolie Fleur, is awesome too. She is one of those people that truly want to help you find the perfect flower for the perfect bouquet.  Her knowledge is beyond impressive and she is super fun to work with too. Plus, her doggy Henry is all kinds of cute and always says hello. We love to work with local vendors and she truly helps us with every bride we see. Maybe even you received a rose from us. 😉

Jolie Fleur has helped many of our brides, some of which you can even see on her website, so make sure to check it out. Here are a few sneak peeks!

One of our brides in a Somsi Couture gown and simple white bouquet

One of our brides in a Somsi Couture gown and simple white bouquet

Our Bride Sarah had a gorgeous gown, but her purple bouquet tied in everything!

Our Bride Sarah had a gorgeous gown, but her purple bouquet tied in everything!

This yellow bouquet blew us away!

This yellow bouquet blew us away!

Don’t forget to check out Alyta’s website to check out her huge gallery. And if you’re in the neighborhood stop by! We both have half doors and a hello is always returned! 🙂

Alyta and Henry! :)

Alyta and Henry! 🙂

Why should Black Friday be black? Book your appointment with The Bustle Nov 23-25th and shop White Friday style. 🙂

We already offer 15% off your gown purchase on your first appointment. So, if you find the gown you love, who doesn’t enjoy some extra savings?

Well.. during White Friday we will be offering an additional $100 credit towards any veil in the entire store and a free engagement shoot provided by San Diego’s best- True Photography on your first appointment purchase!

True Photography is a wonderful local vendor with some of the best photographers out there. Check out their blog to view some of their work. You will receive a free engagement shoot if you book your wedding with them.  Just make sure to take your brochure to them after you purchase your dream gown with us!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Savings!

I know some of you might have seen a couple new gowns on our Facebook page, but here are a few more looks that we snapped while in New York. Each gown is breathtaking! We don’t know the names of these yet, but we can fantasize of what is to come out of the entire collection. Enjoy! 🙂


How crazy is that detailing?! Which gown is your favorite??

When looking for a venue and time of year, keep in mind the local weather conditions. If you are getting married in your hometown, it might be easy to decide. But, if you are having a destination wedding make sure to check out local weather conditions for that time of year.  Most people assume San Diego is always sunny, but if you are coming here for your wedding remember that Gray May and June Gloom are true and seaside weddings might not have that sunset you are hoping for.

Ok, so you did your research and things look very promising for the best day ever! But… 10 day forecast says rain! 😦 Ask your venue way ahead of time what their Plan B options are and whether or not they can accomodate you and your guests. If they can do a quick turn around and make sure everything is perfect inside or outside, go with it!

Besides, your photographer might get some great pictures of your rainy wedding day bliss! 🙂

Ok, so you just got engaged….where do you start?! After picking out your venue, dress shopping is obviously the next step. 🙂 But.. how do you even go about it? Wedding gown shopping is always a new experience because, well, how often do you shop for a wedding gown? Here are the best ways to prep for your gown appointments!

1. Check out some styles online! Get an idea of what kind of look or feel you are going for for your wedding day. Places like The Knot and Pinterest are great resources for fun ideas. And once you find out which boutique you want to visit (see #2) check out the designers they carry as well!


Cymbeline Paris

2. Research your area and find a bridal boutique that fits your needs. Do you like personal attention or do you like to shop on your own? Each bridal store offers different perks, so check them out. At The Bustle, we are a small bouqitue, but our gown are carefully hand picked and we give you great personal attention with champagne and cakes!

3. Select a small group to come with you and who’s opinions you trust. It is great to have people you love come with you and share such an important moment. Make sure you pick a gown where you feel most beautiful, and not which your sister loves most. 😉


4. Come with an open mind. Your consultant is a professional and they know exactly what look will fit your style and body type within minutes of meeting you. Even if a gown might look bad on the hanger, try it on, you might be surprised!

5. Most important: Have fun! This is the biggest purchase you might ever make (emotionally and financially) so enjoy each second. Be honest, make jokes, play with accessories and feel gorgeous!


Jenna had fun with us.. so why can’t you?! 🙂

About two months before your wedding day, each bride should begin her alterations.  Two months allows for enough time to get everything finished as well as guarantee the most accurate results as our bodies do change throughout the year. Here are a few guidelines on how to take advantage of each appointment to make sure your look is perfect!

1. On your first appointment: Bring your wedding shoes! Whether you are wearing 5 inch platforms or flip flops for the beach, any good seamstress will not start your hem until you have your wedding shoes.  This ensures no tripping and the perfect length making moving in your gown super comfortable.

2. Bring possible undergarments: Most of the time brides opt out of any and ask for push up cups to be sewn into the gown.  BUT bring whatever corset top or bra you think you might wear to your fitting.  Sometimes corset back gowns already have enough structure so a corset bra might feel like too much. Or, the back of your gown might be below the bra line. You won’t know unless you try, so bring it all!

3. Play with accessories: If you don’t already have your veil or jewelry, ask your consultant to help out.  You never know what will look best unless you try it on with your gown.  Veil color variations and necklace lengths are all small details that need to be addressed.  As the seamstress pins you, play with different looks and make sure to place any orders as soon as possible.

4. Be honest with your seamstress: If you see a loose thread, don’t think your gown is tight enough, or want a deeper sweetheart cut, etc. tell your seamstress.  This is your chance to be as precise as you can, so don’t be shy and express what you think. Ask your consultant or seamstress for their opinion too.  They have a lot of experience with alterations.

Our San Diego location gives us first hand encounters with the most amazing military men and women who serve our country.  The armed services hit home for our staff as our own spouses are retired or active military and we love them. 🙂 From Navy to Air Force to Army and Marine Corps, we appreciate everything you do, and in return we participate each year in the Military Bridal Gown Giveaway.

This year it will be held September 23, 2012 from 9am to 4pm at the Officers Club at Miramar. The event is open to all ranks and proof of engagement for wedding gowns is required.  Click here to read all the details, FAQ, and a map for where the event is located.  The event is based on a first come first served basis, so grab a coffee and bring your game faces ladies! Good luck and let us know if you found the gown of your dreams!

After your vows are exchanged and you can finally say you are husband and wife, an exit must occur! If not then, then the one right after your fun reception. Either way, you should add some fun details to celebrate!


There are many companies out there that provide butterflies for your grand exit. They are not harmed and create a very whimsical feel to your wedding day. Great pictures can be captured and no littering!


Blowing bubbles makes anyone feel young and fun. You can place tiny bottles in each person’s seat before the ceremony and the results are awesome. It is a great and playful option, and don’t worry, your dress won’t suffer if a bubble or two land on you 🙂

Traditional Confetti

When some brides think ‘confetti’ they might picture it in a cheesy way, but they couldn’t be more wrong! You can get so creative with different colors and shapes making them more personal. You can use your initials, your wedding day color palete, and fun designs.


If you’re having an evening wedding, sparklers are the best! It might be hard to see bubbles and confetti at night so brighten it up! They create an elegant look and you can have your photographer help you create awesome pictures.

You’ve found the dress, you’ve found the shoes, and now it’s time to start thinking about the other accessories you may need for your walk down the aisle. The one thing that completes any bridal look is a veil. They can be very romantic and when will you ever have another chance to wear one? Here at The Bustle, we have many different lengths and styles so we’ve created a condensed guide to choosing a veil!

The smallest veil style is called a Birdcage. Inspired by old Hollywood, this type of veil is made of a wide netting and frames the face. It is usually attached to the hair with a small comb and sometimes incorporates flowers, crystals, or even feathers!

Here is one example of a birdcage veil! How fun!

Shoulder length veils are a more traditional style are about 20 inches long.

A lovely Bel Aire shoulder length veil!

Probably one of the most popular veil styles is the fingertip length veil and …you guessed it, right at the fingertips or around the hand. A typical length for this veil is 36 inches.

Now if you want a more dramatic look, the Cathedral length is the way to go.  Typically these veils are 108 inches and line the back of your train.  If you don’t have a train or don’t want one, this veil will create the illusion of length during your ceremony.  Its perfect for a formal affair and great for pictures!

Now lets not forget the blusher! A blusher is the piece of tule that covers the brides face as she walks down the aisle. Traditionally, the groom will flip the blusher away from the bride’s face just before he kisses her. How romantic! Today, many brides choose not to wear a blusher and just have a veil that goes down her back.

Here is a great way to compare the different lengths.

Here is a great guide for selecting a veil length 🙂

What style will you choose for your wedding?